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Introduction for Publishers

As a Publisher, the User Panel lets you manage the ad zones on your site(s) to ensure that they generate maximum revenue for your business. Using the Sites & Zones tab, you can administer the sites and zones that you offer to Advertisers, and view real-time insights into their performance in the User Panel and Statistics tabs.

Advantages of the User Panel for Publishers:

  • High earnings potential by matching the best-performing Advertisers to your ad zones and our own ad block solution to keep those revenues flowing.
  • Multiple advertising formats allow you to integrate specific ad zones that fit perfectly with the type of visitors you receive.
  • Multiple payment options allow for flexible payment in many different formats.
  • Real-time reporting which allows you to see your statistics at any time for an up-to-date assessment of your site/ad zone's performance.

Tabs of the User Panel for Publishers:

  • The Stats tab shows you real-time executive data that you can use to make sure you are maximizing your advertising revenue. so that you can really drill down into your data to guide your strategic planning or diagnose problems.
  • The Websites & Zones tab is where you can set up your domains, sites, and ad zones to start receiving advertising revenue.
  • The Withdrawal tab is where you monitor and manage the payments for your sites and ad zones.